Eastern Hills Health & Wellness, LLC

Acupuncture in Albuquerque, NM

Nancy Carr Randall, D.O.M.




Welcome to Eastern Hills Health & Wellness. My mission is to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere where people are provided with the help they need to achieve their optimal health and well-being through the competent, caring, and compassionate practice of Oriental Medicine.

Oriental Medicine is based in ancient texts which provide the foundation for today’s holistic and effective approach to patient care. It has developed over thousands of years through the thoughtful application of clinical observation, critical thinking, and compassionate practice. I practice Hari style Japanese Meridian Therapy which focuses on balancing the body’s energy system in order to treat the patient’s current medical concerns, as well as the root cause of imbalance.

Oriental Medicine is becoming more important in patient care and in the treatment and management of many medical conditions and concerns. It is an important part of the wide variety of treatment options that patients can choose from in order to meet their medical needs. It has been found to be an extremely effective and respectful approach to the treatment of not only medical conditions and illnesses, but of the person as a whole. As I work with patients, they find that there are no health issues which cannot be addressed so that overall quality of life improves.